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One of my favourite things in the world is having my tiny mind blown. Possibly even more than I like having my dick blown! Finding this today has 100% blown my mind! This absolutely astonishing video captures Jordon Wolfsons latest work of art that is currently being exhibited in the David Zwiner gallery in New York.

"Presented here for the first time, Wolfson’s animatronic sculpture, titled (Female figure), combines film, installation, and performance in the figure of a curvaceous, scantily clad woman covered in dirt marks and wearing a witch mask. Unlike the artist’s two-dimensional subjects, this life-size character was developed in close collaboration with a special effects studio in California used by major Hollywood productions. The woman can be encountered on a one-on-one basis in a mirrored room in the gallery, creating a different kind of viewing experience that intensifies the importance of the gaze found throughout Wolfson’s work."

I have watched this about 20 times in the past hour, completely drawn in by the fluid movements and that stare. As scary as it is, both the actual piece and knowing that shit can move this fluidly and humanly and be a robot!, I cannot help but get that complete feeling of amazement! I remember feeling the same way when I discovered Chris Cunninghams work and watching ‘Windowlicker’ for the first time. I think its this kind of emotion I get a tick out of. Being slightly uneasy, shit scared and find it so compelling I can’t stop watching it and trying to find everything I can about it!

If you are any wear new NewYork then please go see it for me! I’ve made Tim promise that if we win the lottery we can go to NY and see it before the exhibition ends. Let me know if you do see or have seen it. I’ll stop rambling now! Enjoy! x

PS. And for those of you wondering what the tune she is dancing to is, fear not, I’ve already hunted it down! Here x




Here’s the lookbook of BEAUTIFUL BRO, the new collection from GODDESS

Styling: Mitch McGuire

Photography: Clare Gatto and Kara Gut

Model: Chris Kelley

Can I… Can I touch?


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